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The main objective of our laboratory is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal circuit adaptation through plasticity and neuromodulatory mechanisms, and to understand how these processes are altered during natural and pathological aging. 

About us


December 2022. The lab has been awarded a Tatiana Foundation Project to study the role of oxytocin in social behavior deficits: OXYTO-CURE.


September 2022. The lab has been awarded an Alicia Koplowitz Foundation Project to study the neuromodulatory role of oxytocin in the developing brain: OXI-DRIVE.

August 2022. Adrian´s paper is available on bioRxiv. Check it out !


24-29 July 2022. Proud to be one of the Discussion Leaders of the inaugural Gordon Research Conference on the Hypothalamus !

9-13 July 2022. Do not miss Pili´s poster at FENS 2022 !



2 June 2022. Do not miss Sandra´s seminar at the Mediterranean Neuroscience Society in Dubrovnik !



18-20 May 2022. Sandra gives a talk at the XI Cajal Conference at beautiful Costa Brava!


15 March 2022 - Do not miss "Cerebro y Sociedad"  to learn about the challenges and opportunities of science outreach in the social network era with Lydia Gil and Pablo Barrecheguren. Catch it on the IN YouTube channel !. 2022 Cerebro y Sociedad Group picture.


11 March 2022 - Sandra discusses the importance of studying sex diferences in neuroscience research in Agora (Aragon Radio). Listen it here !



8 March 2022 - The IN is recognized with the accesit of the 2021 CSIC Distintivo de Igualdad. See it here !



4 March 2022 - Do not miss Sandra´s talk at the Cajal Institute. Follow it here !

March 2022 - Students at IES Rafael Dieste La Coruña record an audiochapter from "Y yo quiero ser,... Neurocientifca" by Sandra. Listen it here !


11 February 2022 - International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Join us to celebrate our brilliant female neuroscientist!  Find it on the IN You Tube Channel.


1 February 2022 - Our review in Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience just got accepted. Read it here !



Jan 2022 - Our work selected as one of the 12 Scientific Achievements of the IN in 2021. Read the press release.


Dec 2021 - Visit Bea´s poster at the IN Christmas Meeting.


Nov 2021 - Congratulations to Pili for her latest article in Brain Structure and Function !



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